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What is the Green Card?

Posted by Helena Grossberg on March 15, 2014
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Many people talk about it, but it is nothing more than than an identification card attesting to the permanent resident status in the United States of an immigrant. Check out here the importance of this document.

The Green Card is actually a white identification card with the holder’s picture and basic information. It is also know and Permanent Resident Card, or USCIS – I 551, formerly called Alien Registration Card, expedited by the Immigration and Naturalization Service, or INS. It doesn’t matter the name, it is a proof that the person has passed by the official immigration process and obtained the right to live in the United States, enjoying almost all the rights and obligations of an American citizen, almost always allowing to work. To obtain this document, a foreigner must speak with an attorney and decide what is the best way to request the American citizenship. This summary here is just informative and does not have the intention of providing legal advice, but I can always recommend a colleague in the field that can provide the proper advice.
The Green Card is offered to family members of Americans, through work, or as an asylum. There are other methods to obtain a Green Card as well, though special government programs. It is necessary to find a sponsor, such as a family or a company that will be responsible for the immigrant, and once the card is received, the person should always carry it along as proof of its legal status and within the validity period.

The Social Security Card is different than the Green Card, because it is a number related to the federal income tax and the USA social benefits programs. With the tax reform of 1986 and then again in 1990, even kids now must have their own social security numbers. It was originally used as a general form of identification for records, mainly opening of bank accounts, school registration, loans, credits, and various other purposes.

Because it became so important in the life of a citizen, today it is not permitted to be used as widely, to prevent identity theft, and only the last few digits are used for general identification.
Those who have a Green Card must obey the American Law, in the federal, state and municipal levels, and declare their income taxes to the Internal Revenue Service, or IRS. Green Card holders do not yet have a Social Security, so they can get an Individual Tax Identification Number, or ITIN to be used in their tax returns or other credit applications.

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