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Remodeling your brand new apartment.

Posted by Helena Grossberg on September 8, 2013
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Remodeling your brand new apartment.

Check with the association first.

You just bought a gorgeous apartment in Miami, with a prime view of the golf course, intracoastal, and the ocean. Everything is perfect, if only it had a newer kitchen. Or a new coat of paint. I guess it could also use a new floor. Why these apartments never have any light in their ceilings? The living room is so large it could even fit an office.

Before starting any kind of renovation, be careful. Some buildings do not allow any changes in the layout. Some allow it with the approval of the association. Please check with them first. In your heart, you might think that the property is yours and you can do anything you want. The reality is that you must think in terms of resell value. After a few years, when you start thinking of selling your property again, your remodeling might become a liability and an additional expense for the new buyers, who might want to update it.

So, the more neutral your choices, the more valuable your investment. Later, if you choose to rent the apartment, think of the abuses it will suffer, and choose durable materials. All styles change within a few years, this is the law of the market. Choose those that are not ultra modern, that do not have lots of color and shine, but are traditional, and are of long lasting materials. The best investments are those that are most visible, such as changing the floor, updating the kitchen, bathrooms, and paint. Choose wood, stainless steel, white, or gray, and use accessories to give a personalized touch. Colorful tiles are beautiful, but have a short life span in terms of decoration.

When you interview a contractor, check their license and insurance. Any remodeling must be registered in the city and have the right permits, for the subsequent city inspections. The renovating plans must be approved ahead of time, and doing the process right can avoid a lot of headaches later on. We have experience with many licensed and insured contractors that have been working with us for quite some time.

For more information, come by our offices for a cup of coffee. You will be pleased with our services and buy your new property with confidence.

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