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Florida Property Tax Bill for 2015.

Nov 22, 2015
In August this year each homeowner must have received a notification of their tax bill, and now, in November, this [more]
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5 Mistakes When Pricing Your Property.

Oct 10, 2015
Sure, you want to get the most money for your house when you sell it. But there are many mistakes you can avoid in [more]
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Factors in a Price of a Property in Florida.

Oct 04, 2015
When it is time to make an offer on a property in Miami, many people believe that it is good to make an offer way b [more]
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10 Secrets to Sell Your Property Fast.

Oct 03, 2015
PRICE IT RIGHT: Get a professional home valuation, appraisal, comparative market analysis, or broker price opinion. [more]
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FENG SHUI: Considerations Before Buying a Ne...

Sep 28, 2015
To some people, it could be pure trend, but to many believers, feng shui is serious business. Applying these concep [more]
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Aug 27, 2015
For those who live in Florida and own a property, August is the time of the year to start receiving your property t [more]
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Mortgages With Less Than Perfect Credit.

Aug 15, 2015
Do you want to get a new home, but have less than perfect credit? Check here what happens when your credit is not p [more]
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Buying in Miami

The Best Season to Invest in Miami.

May 17, 2015
In the springtime, we typically see flowers and “For Sale” signs bloom on the yards of many houses across America. [more]
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Americans with Disabilities: Access Requirem...

Feb 14, 2015
Americans with Disabilities includes people with hearing or vision impairments, limited physical strength and those [more]
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Inheritance and Property.

Jan 31, 2015
How to Leave Your Property in Miami to Your Children Without Going Through Probate. Probate is a complex process of [more]
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So… You Want to be a REALTOR® in Miami...

Jan 18, 2015
Fantastic, join the team! Check the requirements here, discover how to get your license, and learn how to keep it a [more]
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The Process of Buying a Property in Miami

Dec 19, 2014
Is it easy to buy a property in Florida? Not as easy as buying something online, but it is not as hard as a Rubik’s [more]
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The Safety of a Lockbox.

Oct 19, 2014
If you went looking for a property in Miami, you probably already saw some interesting lockboxes, those intricate b [more]
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Should I Buy With Cash or Finance it?

Sep 14, 2014
If you want to buy an apartment in Florida, the question always comes up during the process. Of course, if you can [more]
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Title Insurance

Aug 11, 2014
Title Insurance: Why you need it. Imagine you happily cooking dinner or watching TV in your brand new home, when a [more]
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The Value of the Deposit.

Aug 09, 2014
All real estate purchases in Miami are sealed with a good faith deposit, showing that the buyer is indeed intereste [more]
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The Insurances of a Property.

Jul 27, 2014
In the process of purchasing a property in Florida, sometimes it is mandatory to get an insurance policy. Homeowner [more]
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The Inspection Prior to the Purchase.

Jun 21, 2014
You find the perfect property, want to buy it, and make an offer. Now, you only have a few days to inspect it, and [more]
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1031 Exchange: Capital Gains Tax Deferral

Jun 14, 2014
1031 Exchange is a tax-deferred exchange program that the Internal Revenue Service, IRS, permits on investment prop [more]
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The Hurricanes in Florida

Jun 07, 2014
There is not a cloud in the blue sky today. But don’t be fooled, the hurricane season starts now in June and [more]
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Offshore in the USA.

May 17, 2014
Is there an advantage to open an offshore to buy a property in Miami? Or should I just open an LLC? Do I put it in [more]
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Driving in Miami.

May 10, 2014
If you are coming to Florida, you should know the local traffic laws, and bring your international driver’s license [more]
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The Ghost of EB5.

May 03, 2014
The Ghost of EB5. Have you heard of the EB5? They are foreign investment programs that can provide immigration visa [more]
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Purchase of properties with bitcoin.

Apr 19, 2014
Have you heard of Bitcoin? Do you think it is possible to buy a house with this money? Check it out here. Bitcoin i [more]
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Franchises in the USA.

Mar 22, 2014
With or Without a Headache?       When you buy a franchise, you sell the products or services of a company with a k [more]
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What is the Green Card?

Mar 15, 2014
Many people talk about it, but it is nothing more than than an identification card attesting to the permanent resid [more]
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All Aboard….

Mar 08, 2014
You are in Miami and want to get around but have no idea how. Don’t worry, check out your options here, and y [more]
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Shortsale, Foreclosure, and REO.

Mar 01, 2014
In all instances, the owner loses its property, but the circumstances are different. Check them here and see if it [more]
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Dog Fight.

Feb 15, 2014
There are people who live in buildings in Miami that don’t accept pets, and the condo docs clearly state that. Howe [more]
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Get Rid of my Tenant!

Feb 08, 2014
If you bought a property in Miami and rented it in expectation of collecting an income in the form of rent, here’s [more]
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Emergency in Miami.

Feb 01, 2014
You come to Miami for a vacation, and all of a sudden, you end up in the hospital. Now what? Check here what you ne [more]
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Just Bought an Apartment, Now What?

Jan 25, 2014
Well, first of all, congratulations. You should know that you made an excellent investment. This is because Miami i [more]
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Did you ever think of studying in the USA?

Jan 18, 2014
To Study in the USA. Many people think of studying in the USA, or know someone who would like to go to the college [more]
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Fear of a Purchase.

Jan 11, 2014
Did you already think in purchasing a property in Florida, but gave up, because of fear? You are not alone. Check o [more]
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New Year’s Eve 2014

Dec 21, 2013
New Year’s Eve in Miami. New Year’s Eve, or NYE, in Miami is not just a party you go on the evening of December 31s [more]
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Miami of the Future.

Dec 14, 2013
Today Miami attracts people from all over the world for its natural beauty and climate. It’s beaches, parks, flower [more]
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Ethics of a REALTOR®.

Nov 17, 2013
 Code of Ethics Did you know that there is a Code of Ethics with obligations that might be higher than those mandat [more]
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Paper-thin walls.

Nov 10, 2013
For those who bumped into a wall in the US might have been surprised… It is paper-thin. Only the very old mansions [more]
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Where do I buy my vacation property, in Orla...

Nov 03, 2013
Are you wondering if you should buy your vacation property in Orlando or Miami and can’t decide? Check out the two [more]
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Horoscope of a Purchase.

Oct 13, 2013
Horoscope of a Purchase Each sign has its own characteristics, and at the time of the purchase of a home, they reac [more]
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Beauty, Health, and Energy. Miami has everyt...

Oct 06, 2013
Beauty, Health, and Energy. Miami has everything. Come to Miami to renew your energy. To recharge. You will see tha [more]
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FIRPTA – Taxing Foreign Nationals.

Sep 22, 2013
FIRPTA – Taxing Foreign Nationals. Taxes are just like monsters that eat up all the profits in the sale of a [more]
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The Process of Buying a Property in Miami.

Sep 15, 2013
 Is it easy to buy a property in Florida? Not as easy as buying something online, but it is not as hard as a Rubik’ [more]
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Prepare. Aim. Buy.

Sep 15, 2013
Prepare. Aim. Buy. How does one prepare to buy a property? Those who already bought a property in Florida can confi [more]
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Remodeling your brand new apartment.

Sep 08, 2013
Remodeling your brand new apartment. Check with the association first. You just bought a gorgeous apartment in Miam [more]
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Homemade American Food.

Sep 01, 2013
Homemade American Food What is it? Or American’s always eat fast food? In the US, breakfast is typically the most i [more]
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Air Conditioning Mania.

Aug 24, 2013
Air Conditioning Mania. Why is the city in love with their AC? Anyone who comes to Miami is always surprised by the [more]
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Who is buying properties in Miami?

Aug 17, 2013
Who is buying properties in Miami? The number of international buyers declined last year in the US, but it is still [more]
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Miami – Tax Free!!!!

Aug 04, 2013
School starts this week, and there is a lot of shopping to do. Taxes on clothing and back to school supplies can be [more]
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Should I buy my property in My Name or as a ...

Jul 27, 2013
Should I buy my property in my name or as a legal entity? The choice you make can change the tax structure of the a [more]
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Jul 07, 2013
The closing costs are the accumulation of taxes, fees, and expenses paid during the process of buying or selling a [more]
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What are ZIP Codes?

Jul 07, 2013
In 1943 when a large number of postal employees were deployed to serve the military, the Post Office devised a syst [more]
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Jul 03, 2013
  When your heart beats faster for a newfound property and you really want to buy it, the question that always come [more]
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Celebrating 4th of July in Miami – Ame...

Jun 28, 2013
On 4 th of July, America celebrates its independence and each year, the celebrations get better and better. Here is [more]
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5 Ideas to Sell Your Home Fast

Jun 23, 2013
In any market, it is the supply and demand that will determine the speed in which your house will sell, but even in [more]
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How to Sell Your Home and Buy Another at the...

Jun 19, 2013
Being a move-up buyer can be tough in today’s market. Although deals are closing rapidly, there’s no guarantee that [more]
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Jun 10, 2013
Any foreign national, when purchasing a property in Miami, must be aware of the local laws prior to making such an [more]
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How Are Kitec® Pipes A Problem To Homeowners...

Jun 06, 2013
Kitec® Pipes were originally created as an alternative to the copper pipes which corroded over time. The Kitec® Pip [more]
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May 23, 2013
  It is very common, when someone is interested in buying a new property, to question whether they should also look [more]
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May 15, 2013
The sale of a property is going very smooth. The offer has been drafted and after a counter offer, it has been acce [more]
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Ten Foolproof Vegetables for Container Garde...

May 07, 2013
Want fresh veggies but don’t have a back 40, the time, or the know-how for a full-size vegetable plot? Container ve [more]
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Is the quick house flip making a comeback?

May 06, 2013
NEW YORK – May 1, 2013 – More Americans are again on the hunt to snag a home at a bargain price, fix it up, and the [more]
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Nearly 10M more renter households had income...

May 03, 2013
Many factors have increased the number of renter households qualified to purchase a home in 2012 versus 2000 and 20 [more]
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Vacation-Home Buyers are Back

Jun 21, 2012
Real estate practitioners in vacation spots across the country say the market for second homes is picking up steam [more]
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Bike Run – How many bikers does it tak...

Jul 26, 2009
I can’t say I have never been on a bike. It’s been a long time since I was in high school and my mother caught me o [more]
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Stat 602 – Game Theory and Jogging

Mar 28, 2009
Dr. Patel said very clearly “You will flunk this class. However, your family will still love you, your health and h [more]
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