Litigation Support

The complex nature of real estate agreements and partnerships – and the unpredictable impact of external events – are frequently sources of commercial and residential property disputes.

Many attorneys have retained our firm to render an analysis of a case based on a professional standards perspective.

We can advise you or your client on the overall quality of an appraisal and analysis, provide suggestions on potential weak points, guide you as to whether the appraisal is in fact reasonable or not, and provide supplemental data if appropriate.

Special Services

  • International Real Estate
  • Expert Witness in Real Estate
  • Real Estate Valuation
  • Divorce and Debt Estate Consolidation
  • Broker Price Opinion Expert
  • Policy & Procedures
  • Transaction Fraud
  • Hot-Tubbing Capabilities
  • Simultaneous Translations English to Portuguese
  • Simultaneous Translations Portuguese to English