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The Safety of a Lockbox.

Posted by Helena Grossberg on October 19, 2014
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If you went looking for a property in Miami, you probably already saw some interesting lockboxes, those intricate boxes with a house key inside. They are wonderful devices, but are they really good?

In the last few weeks, the most intriguing issue among realtors has been about security, of a realtor showing a property, as well as the residence’s owner exposing his property to visitors. When a real estate agent requests to show properties to his clients, some of them must have the owner or tenant present. When the residence is vacant, or the residents are away during the day, then a lockbox is an ideal solution.

There are two kinds of lockboxes, one is older, with an alpha or numeric code, and the other, called SUPRA, has electronic control. The older one has demonstrated to be very dangerous, since once the code is known, the sales agent, customer, or a contractor can return to the property whenever he wants, until the code is changed.   However, the SUPRA is more sophisticated, because the little box stays at the front door of the house in the same manner, but it is necessary to have a phone app and an electronic device to connect both of them.

This device is obtained at the REALTOR’s association, it is registered, so that the listing agent, his office, and the board of REALTORs knows who entered this specific house, when they entered, and what time they left. It is possible to add another layer of security by making the buyer’s agent call the listing agent for a security code that the SUPRA might required, and this code can be changed regularly.

There are gated communities and condominiums that do not allow lockboxes, so that vacant homes are not exposed. In this case, lockboxes are typically hidden behind the house, in gates, or at the front desk.   Having a lockbox to show a property is wonderful, allowing the buyers to be more flexible with the showing times, rather than being so strict and punctual with appointments.


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