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How Are Kitec® Pipes A Problem To Homeowners?

Posted by Helena Grossberg on June 6, 2013
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Kitec® Pipes were originally created as an alternative to the copper pipes which corroded over time. The Kitec® Pipes were manufactured with a high percentage of zinc, making them vulnerable to corrosion of the zinc.

As water flows through these pipes, it creates a build up inside and restricts the water passage, weakening the pipe and causing the pipe to leak or burst. Some homeowners have watched their homes destroyed by floods and leaky pipes, having to replace carpets, drywalls and furniture. Even small leaks, over time, can lead to the growth of mold, which can be very dangerous. Water can destroy the structure of a house, as well as it’s contents. Even when there are no leaks, clogged pipes can affect the water pressure of showers or interfere with the taster of your food.

Check Your Electric Panel.
There is no solution to these clogged pipes, and they cannot be cleaned by chemical drainage. To know if have them in your home, check the electrical panel box and look for a yellow sticker that says Kitec ® Plumbing. It will probably be a safety warning for proper electrical grounding procedures for nonmetallic plumbing.

Over time, these pipes will all have to be replaced, since insurance might not cover homes with these pipes. The costs of replacing them might be the same as if you insist of retaining your insurance policy, or the cost of the claims and repairs should these pipes burst. It is difficult to assess how many homes are fitted with Kitec ® Pipes, some of them have low water pressure for different reasons. Homeowners Insurance Can be Affected. Only a licensed plumber can determine the cause of leaks and pipe bursts. The sticker on the electrical panel might not be accurate, or it might not be there, since many defective pipes were installed in the 90’s without any warning to the homeowners, leading to many lawsuits.

When someone is purchasing a home, a thorough inspection can detect the kind of pipes of the home. A home owners insurance policy can be drastically changed and it’s price drastically increased if Kitec ® Pipes are found.

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