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Horoscope of a Purchase.

Posted by Helena Grossberg on October 13, 2013
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Horoscope of a Purchase

Each sign has its own characteristics, and at the time of the purchase of a home, they react in a singular form. Do you want to see how? There is nothing scientific here, but you can check it out.

Aries – If an Aries is interested in an apartment, it does not save its compliments. And until he decides to buy, he puts everything aside to focus only on the purchasing process. If something is not clear, or if there are any issues, he will be very irritated, because he wants it all to be done quickly and correctly.

Taurus – She likes those who speak softly and without much fanfare. A Taurus person is generally quiet, reserved, and because of this, likes places that are quiet too, warm and comfortable. She is cautious in choosing an apartment, examines everything carefully, verifies every detail, and cares what the family will think about it.

Gemini – Here you will be a little confused. A Gemini will be very clear from the beginning about what he is looking for in a new apartment. Then, he will fall in love with one that has none of the attributes that he wanted originally. Geminis are like that, seeking challenges, unpredictable, flexible, and ready to change their mind. They have a lot of energy and can explain very well how they feel about each place.

Cancer – If people knew how easy it was to understand this sign, life would be much easier. They like elegance and simplicity, but no one seems to understand that. Why is it? They like strong people that can answer their questions with confidence.

Leo – Many people are curious about how Leos are, and this is one of the magnetism of the sign. They like to be admired, and love when their home is also admired. Their apartment is not just a place to live, it is where they can display all their trophies, to show their travels, their intelligence, and their good taste.

Virgo – A new apartment for the Virgo needs to be better than the one he already has, and he will not make any mistakes in the process. He will not waste any time in the search, because he is an analytic person and knows the right questions to ask. He has learnt from experience and when he finds the right place, he will do everything necessary for a fast close in a very organized matter.

Libra – They enjoy a life full of beauty and luxury. Libra is always surrounded by love and romance, and always have their friends around. They need a home for all their celebrations and gatherings and will need to consider the balance between money and beauty in the equation, but elegance will always win.

Scorpio – This is a sign of great loyalty. A Scorpio is loyal to his family, his friends, his Realtor… and his enemies. So, if you like a Scorpio, stick around. He is the quiet one, asks many questions, and he will formulate an entire questionnaire before making a decision. Every apartment he sees, every house he visits, he is taking mental notes, and he will only have the courage to buy after having exhausted all his questions and after having considered all points of view.

Sagittarius – No need to chase a Sagittarius, he will search for the apartments, look for the right properties, search the internet, do his homework, find the MLS, read the specs, hunt for the right place until he finds his next home as if it were an adventure in which he needs to go to the end in order to accomplish his own goal.

Capricorn – For them, it depends on what they see, rather than what they hear. They need to personally check every detail, open every window and every drawer to make sure that it all works, as if they were doing the official inspection themselves. They know what they like and what they don’t like, and they are not afraid to say it openly. They like to make the decision, but they let the family participate in the choice, and they like to hear everyone’s opinion, specially the children.

Aquarius – They make decisions based on deep analysis and communicate their evaluations to the entire family. They are cheerful and like to watch not only all the details of the property, but the details that the family noted as well. When they decide to buy, these observations will help make the decision.

Pisces – People under this sign like to seek advice, but in the end, they make their own decisions. They have many feelings and many thoughs they must deal with before they make up their mind and they must love the property from the bottom of their hearts before they choose the right one. When they love, they love deeply, and they demonstrate it abundantly.

Is it really this way? Come for a cup of coffee at our offices in Miami and check your purchasing style. Buy and sell with confidence.

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