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Homemade American Food.

Posted by Helena Grossberg on September 1, 2013
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Homemade American Food

What is it? Or American’s always eat fast food?

In the US, breakfast is typically the most important meal of the day, and people take the time to enjoy it, knowing that they might not have time to eat lunch or dinner later, barely having time to grab a sandwich throughout the day. And then, when we get home tired, starving, we don’t even want to cook. And the truth is, who wants to cook? That is why fast food restaurants are so successful, but there is a homemade American food. It is just that each home has its own style.

The American supermarkets have an incredible abundance of food, showing an amazing variety of fruits and vegetables, and products that could get anyone confused. So much so, that the American government created a pyramid for guidance of the basic nutrition needs.

For various reasons, some of them religious and others simply ideologies against the food pyramid, today we have many diets that are part of the American cuisine.

Traditional Cuisine

Consists in preparing a lunch or dinner for the whole family with protein, carbohydrates, and a few vegetables, and desserts. These dishes are what we know about family meals since our childhood, and are associated with family gatherings and happiness.


It is the concept of eating as cave men used to eat. Includes grilled meat and fish, eggs, fruits, seeds, mushrooms, but excludes all potatoes, farmed vegetables, sugar, salt and any other processed food. This diet is very common today with the younger generation that is so into the growing Cross-Fit gyms around the country.

Gluten Free

Today, to reach the wealth that exists in our supermarkets, farmers use some chemical products that can turn our food allergic to many people. In the past few years many people discovered their allergies to gluten, and now, it is possible to create full meals without this ingredient.

Organic, Natural, Vegetarian, Vegan

There are many laws that regulate the right to add the word “Organic” in a food package, but the word “Natural” has no meaning. Anything can be Natural. Vegetarian meal can include eggs, but Vegan will not include milk, butter, or eggs in its processing.

High Protein, Atkins, South Beach

About 20 years ago, the popular Dr. Atkins created a strong debate in the USA over his diet, saying that carbohydrates were the main reason for obesity, allergies, and heart diseases. Based on his theory, similar diets evolved, such as the popular South Beach Diet that is a little more lenient with carbohydrates, stating that there are good and bad carbs, as well as good and bad fats. Thus, a typical dinner is prepared in carefully measured portions of carbs, proteins, and vegetables.

Kosher or Hallal

There are many families that combine all or a few diets, or don’t follow any of them, but the products that they buy must bear the Kosher or Hallal Certified. This certification guarantees that they were processed with special care, kindness to the animals, and under religious supervision.

There are certainly other diets, but even within these theories, it is possible to prepare amazing meals. It all starts with good planning, the purchase of the right ingredients at the supermarket, and knowing that without self control, it is easy to buy the wrong food, and gain weight very easily.

So, one must be patient and learn how to cook in the USA. Put some music on, call Maria, and if the doesn’t come to help you, try to prepare it yourself. You will find it very relaxing, and enjoy the process, and who knows, became a great chef!

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