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Franchises in the USA.

Posted by Helena Grossberg on March 22, 2014
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With or Without a Headache?       When you buy a franchise, you sell the products or services of a company with a known brand in the market, and receive all their training and support to succeed. And just like any other investment, there is no exact formula.

Now, you can buy the property and rent it to the franchise with long-term leases and let them have the headache of managing it. Isn’t much better?   Advantages – There are many advantages in being the owner of a franchise. You can pay the initial fee and be the owner of an established brand, which would take years to build. You give up the control of your company and enter into an agreement with the corporation for their support, and they will help you find a location, offer the operating manual, workshops and seminars and all the support for your success, reducing your risks. For this support, they will charge royalty fees, and other expenses, such as training, and marketing.

Restrictions – To guarantee uniformity, you must accept their recommendations of location, decorations, and services. Some corporations also limit the suppliers and the offerings in each location, limiting the creativity and growth of a new business.

Analysis – Before you choose a franchise, it is necessary to know how much you want to invest financially, and how much time and management you’d like to devote to the business. It can’t be just a guess; it must be a deep analysis of your abilities, risk tolerance, and market knowledge. Do you have another source of income? Do you know the product base of this franchise? Do you get bored easily? Write down all these questions and ask your friends what they think as well.

Selection – Even after choosing a franchise, it is necessary to study if the market needs another ice cream parlor… Or if there is a demand for another mechanic down the street. Sometimes the success depends on the technology, and the qualification of your team.

Exit Strategy – Typically, the contract of a franchise has a time limit, such as 20 years, but contracts can be renewed or renegotiated. If the rules are not respected, franchises can be lost along with the initial investment. Prior to deciding on buying a franchise in the USA, ask to see and read all the legal and financial information of the company. Do a search to see if there is any pending litigation, or anything that will be harmful to your business later on. Know your rights and obligations in the process of opening a franchise, and if you are a foreigner, talk to an attorney that can address immigration issues as well. Do not get discouraged if it looks too complicated. There is another option that is much simpler. You can buy the property and rent it out to the franchisee. This contract is a long-term lease, guaranteed by the corporation, and the tenant will be responsible for the taxes, maintenance, and insurance.

This way, you have no headaches. Isn’t this great?

Let’s talk about it. I have wonderful options for you. Buy and sell with confidence.

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