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FENG SHUI: Considerations Before Buying a New Home.

Posted by ALM on September 28, 2015
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To some people, it could be pure trend, but to many believers, feng shui is serious business. Applying these concepts to the process of buying a house is a wise investment, assuring that good energy are in right place.

But what is feng shui? Today, there is much criticism on the traditional form of feng shui as too mystical, and on the contemporary concept as too superstitious, feng shui is understood as a test on the architectural goodness of a location using metaphors. It analyzes the overall living spaces to see how energy flows to bring health, prosperity, and happiness to the ones who dwell in the area.

Feng shui studies a series of items for the flow of energy. Here is a few of them:

  • LOCATION, NEIGHBORHOOD, AND LOT PLACEMENT: The study analyzes the energy entering the house from the surrounding area and its attractiveness. It takes into consideration the nearby structures, cleanliness, and lighting. In general, it is preferable that the house is not on a slope, that there are no holes in front of the house, no direct trees in front of the main door, and that the land in the back is larger than the front yard. This way, all the good energy enters the house, and stays inside.
  • FRONT DOOR: The nourishment energy known as Chi enters through the front door. It is the key element of the house, where all the energy flows. The door is the mouth of Chi, and it should be large, proportional to the rest of the house, and with attractive landscaping around it. It should not have jagged edges around it, rocks, or face the water, to reflect, or lose what enters the house. The door should be of solid material, instead of glass or glass panels, to show strength. Depending on the direction that the door faces, it is possible to change its energy with simple decorations, colors, or crystals.
  • ALL OTHER DOORS: Once inside the house, it is important to see how the other doors relate to each other and how the energy flows through the house. Does the front door and the back door line up? Don’t let the energy dissipate so easily. A direct alignment even between the front door and a big tall window can let all the goodness you bring home evaporate. Create some distraction with plants and tall lamps.
  • KITCHEN, BEDROOMS, BATHROOMS: The floor plan is what people are typically most concerned when they buy a house. Does it have three bedrooms? Is the master bedroom big enough? Feng shui also analyzes if the layout brings harmony to those who will live in the house. The kitchen is central part of this feng shui trinity, and should never be close to the front door. The best kitchen design is where you see a triangle formed between the oven, sink, and the refrigerator. It always best to find the master bedroom upstairs, and not above the garage or above the bathroom, but above quiet areas. Bedrooms should be inviting, a place to rest, have fun, and find comfort. Bathrooms should never face eating or resting areas, but its positioning should be of privacy and relaxation.
  • STAIRCASES: They have a funny reputation of hardship, and if there is one going upstairs right in front of the front door, it is seen as a challenge for the energy that comes in. If there is a staircase going down, energy is lost before it even enters the house.
  • LAUNDRY ROOM: Just like the bathroom, the laundry room has energy that remains neglected and stagnant for a few days at a time. For that reason, its energy is best kept away from the bedroom and kitchen, where most of our daily lives happens.
  • SOCIAL LIVING AREAS: The family daily life revolves around the kitchen, den, and entry hall. For that reason, these areas should be easy to walk through, and not have an odd shape. A feng shui design promotes a lively, vibrant, and happy flow of energy. It allows family to sit, talk, spend time together, place their belongings when they come home without disturbing the order of things, and allow them to find their keys, bags, and jackets easily, without going through clutter. It is important to have good lighting that makes smiles glow, and hide some of yesterday’s dust.

For those who want to learn more, there is a whole body of study on the matter, with choices of colors to be used in each area to change the dynamics, and invite new energy into your life. Just because your current home does not conform to the best options of feng shui, does not mean that you cannot improve Chi with some tricks. Use plants, mirrors, stones, vases, pillows, and many other options to improve the energy flow.

And if you decide you want to find a new home, with the right energy… Let’s talk about it.

We know what matters to you, matters to us too.


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