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Fear of a Purchase.

Posted by Helena Grossberg on January 11, 2014
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Did you already think in purchasing a property in Florida, but gave up, because of fear? You are not alone. Check out the different fears that can come up when facing the big decision.

The purchase of a new property is a big investment, if not the biggest of someone’s life. It doesn’t matter if it is a vacation home, an investment real estate, or even a third or fourth property. No wonder that just the thought of it can give a big chill just thinking of all the consequences.

There are many reasons for all the fears, and many studies were made on the subject. This is a common phenomenon when facing such a huge decision, and here are the most common fears:

Fear of Change – This fear can have a crippling effect for some people and may explain why some people don’t like to move at all, rather than deal with the new expenses, the lifestyle, the new vacation home, or family asset.

Fear of Commitment – Caring for a new home demands new financial decisions. If the home will be financed, it can create new restrictions on other expenses, eliminating other options, like a vacation or other indulgences for a long time.

Fear of a Bad Choice – What if the apartment is not a good choice? What if it can be in a better location? Could it be bigger? Should it be smaller? Doubts and questions could be paralyzing in the decision process.

Fear of Being Lied to – What if someone takes advantage of the lack of experience, or allows a smooth talker convince into buying the wrong property? No one wants to look like a fool.

Fear of the Unknown – This is the most disturbing fear, because there are no right answers. The truth is, we don’t even know what the questions really are in the future, and it can create much angst in the purchase process.

The fear is real. But with much courage, dedication, and trust, it can be conquered. For this, it is necessary to face a few barriers:

Increase Knowledge – Understanding the purchasing process is fundamental to make a purchase with confidence. It is important to know that what works for one buyer doesn’t always work for another one, because each family has its own social and financial profile.

Dealing with Emotions – In Florida, all licensed realtors have access to the same database of properties available in the market, so it is important to work with someone you trust and you have confidence in their knowledge and experience.

Understand The Contract – It is important to understand the timeline of a contract and at which points a buyer can back out of a deal if the purchase does not resonate with the buying needs of your family without losing the deposit.

Take Some Time – Some times, it is better to let a great opportunity go. Obviously no one wants to miss the chance to make a great investment, but if it is to live with regret, it is not worth it.
This way, when the right property comes up, and your heart beats faster, and you feel that this is the one, the decision will be complete, emotionally, intellectually, and financially the right one.

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