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Emergency in Miami.

Posted by Helena Grossberg on February 1, 2014
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You come to Miami for a vacation, and all of a sudden, you end up in the hospital. Now what? Check here what you need to know about the American medical system.

The current president signed in 2010 a law called Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) , known as Obamacare. This law represents a radical chance in the country’s health system since 1965, and it has been hotly debated politically under all aspects, in the media, opposing parties, and individuals. This is because this law forces all in the country to purchase personal health insurance or face penalties in the form of taxes.

The law didn’t change for tourists and foreigners that are not obligated to have health insurance for emergencies. However, it is important to know what happens if you have to go to the doctor, to the emergency room, or buy some medicine during your visit.

The Cost of American Medicine.

The USA has one of the highest health costs in the world. A simple visit to the emergency room to get some stitches and antibiotics can be very expensive. In addition, if you don’t have any insurance, it will take longer to complete the check-in process.

Nobody Gets Free Treatment.

Contrary to popular belief, the American system is not free, not even to the American people. This is surprising to those who come from places where the government offers basic services to everyone, paid by the people’s taxes.

Not Even Emergencies Are Free.

Even if you need emergency care, the hospital will want to receive their payment for the services rendered. Depending on the treatment, the hospital might simply stabilize your case and transfer you to another hospital that provides simple care to those that don’t have insurance.

Travel, Medical, and Dental Insurance.

If a tourist breaks a tooth during a trip, ignoring the problem can cause great damage down the road. But going to the dentist last minute, get a complete X-Ray and take care of the problem can be expensive too. Medical and Dental Insurance covers these expenses and can give peace of mind during your trip.

Medicine is Controlled.
Many medicines are available at drugstores and supermarkets with low dosage, but other medicines, even ones that are common in other countries can only be dispensed through a doctor, at the hospital, or clinic.

Hospitals in Miami.
There are more than two hundred hospitals in Florida, providing top treatment in each category and specialty. Many tourists come to Miami not only for the city’s many attraction, but also to visit a doctor and have a consultation at these hospitals to get a second opinion, seek treatment, or have a procedure done. See here a survey of the best hospitals in Florida.

Costs of Travel Insurance.
Travel insurance is based on the total costs of the trip, length of stay, or health condition, country of visit, and other details. The ideal is to talk to a travel agent to discuss these costs that might add 4-8% to the overall trip costs. This insurance can even include canceling the trip for any reason, transport costs, and additional costs you may have to incur due to health reasons.

If you travel often to Florida, you might want to get insurance in Miami that can give you some coverage based on your needs. You can just choose between the various plans available for you and your family.

It’s good to know. Come have a cup of coffee with us. Buy your property in Miami with confidence.

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