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Dog Fight.

Posted by Helena Grossberg on February 15, 2014
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There are people who live in buildings in Miami that don’t accept pets, and the condo docs clearly state that. However, they have neighbors with dogs. How could that be?

Miami is just like that. There are condominiums that prior to approving new owners or renters will require that they comply with the existing rules of the association. In turn, the association can determine which animals can live in the building as well.

Sometimes, the determination is that only pets weighting less than 20 lbs are allowed inside the residences. Other times, they can restrict what types of pets, allowing only cats and dogs, and no reptiles, wild animals or birds. Or still, there may be no restrictions at all.

Even when there are some restrictions towards pets, a condominium cannot discriminate against a service dog, working for a person with a physical, mental, or psychological disability.

The service dog that typically accompanies people with vision deficiencies, are wheelchair bound, or have other difficulties is protected by the Americans with Disability Act, or ADA. This is not a pet, but a companion with legal rights.

It earned these rights with long training, sometimes since it’s birth, assisting blind people, preventing convulsions, helping with post-traumatic syndromes, or many other illnesses.
However, those who cannot live without their Toto, for an emotional reason, and insist on living in a condominium that does not accept animals can always go to a doctor willing to review their case and prescribe the company of a pet to improve the mental health state of the patient. This way, the condominium will have to accept the pet.

The Therapy Dog is one that provides emotional support. It provides affection and comfort to those that face emotional distress, are undergoing long treatments in hospitals, have gone through some type of disaster in their lives, or are in some type of recovery homes. A condominium must accept the dog that has been trained as a Therapy Dog, who is protected by the laws of Fair Housing Act, and will not permit any discrimination against its residents.

Good to know. Talk with someone who knows. And buy with confidence.

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