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10 Secrets to Sell Your Property Fast.

Posted by ALM on October 3, 2015
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PRICE IT RIGHT: Get a professional home valuation, appraisal, comparative market analysis, or broker price opinion. No matter what it is called, it is a comparison with other properties that just sold in the area in the last six months, and are for sale with the same characteristics as your property.Be cautious when looking at houses that are priced very high and are in the market for a long time.  Getting the right price and pricing a home competitively means you will create a bidding war and be able to get top dollars for the real worth of your property.

GET THE RIGHT AGENT: To get the right price, you need the right agent that will have the courage to tell you exactly what the market is today, and how the properties are selling for in your area, and not what you want to hear, in order to secure the sale of your property. Also, an agent that discounts his commission will also discount your price and the services he provides. Make sure you get someone that embraces technology,  is always available to answer your questions, and get your house sold fast.

TAKE THE HOME OUT OF THE HOUSE: Customers will be buying the property, not your home. They want a place to make their own, so your personal items make it difficult for them to visualize their families living there. It is necessary to de-personalize the place by removing all family pictures, children’s school projects, and personal keepsakes. Most importantly, remove all small items from your decoration, and leave just a few. Consider staging or rearranging the furniture to best showcase the floor plan and maximize the use of space.

EMPTY CLOSETS: To show that your property has lots of closet space, the best thing to do is to have half empty closets. Buyers do open cabinets to see how they would fit their belongings, so be sure to keep everything clean and tidy.

KEPT THE LIGHTS ON: While showing a property, it is best to keep all lights on, keep the windows clean, change the light bulbs to increase the wattage, and make the house bright and cheery.

HIDE YOUR PETS: If you have any pets, take them away to a friend of relative, or even to a spa (yes, there are playground and spas…) while you show the property. Buyers might not want to see food bowls, kitty litter boxes, or pet hair stuck to their clothes. It might even give the impression that the house is not clean.

DON’T OVER UPGRADE: If you need to do a quick fix before you sell, don’t overdo it. If all you need is to change the plumbing, don’t go in and change the entire sink, unless you plan to renovate the kitchen. And beware, some buyers might not have the same taste as you, and you might not get your investment money back. It might be best to simply place a quick coat of fresh paint, clean curtains, replace door handles, cabinet hardware, fix leaky faucets, and clean the grout. Better yet, you can invest a little on the front lawn and some fresh mulch.

THE KITCHEN IS THE HEART OF THE HOUSE: It is the kitchen that sells the house. If you are set on remodeling anything, here is where you should start. You will get most of your money back, and you can command a higher price if your kitchen has been renovated. The most inexpensive updates include new cabinets, neutral colors, and simple stainless steel appliances. Then if you still want to add more to it, you can include a better quality countertop, made of granite or marble.

ALWAYS READY TO SHOW: Your house needs to be ready to show at all times, whenever you get that call from your agent. You can’t leave dishes on the sink or the dishwasher, the bathrooms must be always clean and free of debris, and the beds must always be made.

LASTING FIRST IMPRESSION: You only have one chance to make a first impression, and here is your chance to sell the house on that first moment your buyer comes in. Fresh flowers, cookies in the oven, and a sense of coming home is the best selling tool you can offer.


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